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Randall County TX Historical Commission


The Randall County Historical Commission functions to preserve the historical heritage of Randall County for posterity; install Historical and Archaeological Markers at significant sites in Randall County; help educate people to have appreciation for Randall County’s role in the development of the State of Texas; promote tourism in Randall County by recognition and publicity on its historical and archaeological sites and oversee the collection of Oral History.

The Executive Committee facilitates public participation in the work of the RCHC; advise the RCHC on citizen thinking and interest, serving as a direct channel for the expression of citizen concern; act as a liaison agent between the RCHC, the Randall County Commissioners Court, and the Texas Historical Commission. Other committees of RCHC that assist the organization by studying and reviewing matters within its jurisdiction or specifically assigned to it, and by making recommendations to it. The committees shall be appointed by the chairman with approval of the Executive Committee.

The FINANCE AND BUDGET COMMITTEE shall determine when the Randall County budget is to be prepared, draft a budget for the RCHC, request funding by the Commissioners Court, and raise private funds to supplement the budget as well as oversee the collection of dues. The HISTORICAL MARKER AND RESEARCH COMMMITTEE shall survey subjects and sites for possible historical marking, update the landmarks list for the county, secure locations for markers, and obtain permission to erect markers. The HERITAGE COMMITTEE shall be concerned with such programs as the preservation of papers, documents, historic sites and structures, dedications, commemorations, and observances. The PROGRAM COMMITTEE shall provide entertaining programs for all meetings. The ORAL HISTORY COMMITTEE oversees the commission’s endeavors in oral history projects. This committee determines long-range goals for the Oral history program, coordinates placement of audio or video taped interviews, and/or transcripts in libraries and other archival centers and oversees funding for projects.

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